“A Legend” Brings Together Jackie Chan, Zhang Yixing and More in the Film Dubbed as the Sequel to 2005’s “The Myth”

"The Legend" Brings Together Jackie Chan, Zhang Yixing and More in the Film Dubbed as the Sequel to 2005's "The Myth"
A Legend crew at The 13th Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF)

A Legend (formerly The Legend) 传说, written and directed by Stanley Tong, has officially announced its cast starring Jackie Chan, Lay Zhang Yixing, Gülnezer Bextiyar and Aarif Lee Zhi-ting. Li Chen is specially invited to star while Peng Xiaoran and Zheng Yecheng take special starring roles. ​

Although shooting is still in progress, there’s already anticipation for the film which is dubbed as the sequel to 2005’s The Myth that was also adapted into a TV series in 2010 starring Hu Ge. The original film starred Jackie Chan as an archeological expert who unearths his past life as a Qin dynasty general escorting a Korean princess, played by South Korean actress Kim Hee-Sun, to China. A Legend is expected to adopt a similar style as its predecessor. Jackie Chan plays an archeologist once more who finds that a cultural relic looks similar to the jade pendant worn by a woman in his dreams. He then leads an expedition team on another fantasy adventure.

Jackie Chan works with director Stanley Tong for the 10th time. Many of the cast have also worked with the international action star before such as Li Zhi-ting and Zhang Yixing in 2017’s Kung Fu Yoga also written and directed by Stanley Tong. Gulnezer who’s ethnically Uyghur has also acted in a Jackie Chan film before landing a role as the female lead. It is assumed that she will be playing a princess opposite Jackie’s character though their 38 year-old age gap has drawn criticism from some Netizens.

The Legend Stanley Tong film

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