Aarif Rahman Got Married a Few Months Ago to His Non-Celebrity Girlfriend

Aarif Rahman Got Married a Few Months Ago to His Non-Celebrity Girlfriend
Photo: 李治廷 / Weibo

Unbeknownst to many, Hong Kong singer and actor Aarif Rahman quietly got hitched a few months ago to his girlfriend whom he’d been dating for a few years. The 36-year-old star let the cat out of the bag whilst attending a press conference. Sporting a wedding ring on his ring finger, Aarif said despite wanting to keep the news of his marriage private, he had no choice but to clear the air after rumours popped up of him having a new girlfriend. “In fact, that person is just a friend. It wouldn’t be appropriate if I didn’t come out and respond to the rumours. I never planned to make it (his marriage) public” he said.

Aarif disclosed that his wife is five or more so years younger. But when asked by media if he will be introducing her to the public, Aarif replied in the negative. Since she’s not from around here, he doesn’t plan on doing so especially since his wife isn’t used to the spotlight. When the topic veered towards whether the couple had any plans to have kids and whether he will be taking some time off, Aarif said “that’s in the plan. If I do have kids in the future, their development during the first three to five years is super important.” The star added though that they haven’t made any plans to settle anywhere just yet and will go where the work will take them. He’s hopeful though that he’ll be back in Hong Kong more often for work.   

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