Jackie Chan Laments Difficulty Finding New Action Stars Saying Nowadays, “It’s Not How Good Your Kung Fu Is, It’s How Good You Look”

Jackie Chan Laments Difficulty Finding the Next Action Star
Screencap from Jackie Chan’s interview for Ride On

While promoting his upcoming film Ride On 龍馬精神 where he plays a stuntman, Jackie Chan who’s among the greatest action stars of all time teared up when speaking about the entertainment industry and how difficult it is to find the next action star in a market that no longer needs it.

He said, “I once thought of finding the second Jackie Chan but it’s very hard. The market doesn’t need it. It doesn’t matter how good your kung fu is, now, it’s about good visuals. There’s no need to be good at fighting or acting, you can just stand there. The stuntman can do all the scenes.” He hopes the day will come when they can return to the era that paved the way for martial arts legends like Bruce Lee, Jet Li, etc. so that those who can really do martial arts will have an opportunity.

At 68 years old, Jackie Chan has not stopped making action films. He shared that worked hard in the past to make a living and worked hard later on for moviegoers, now, he’s working hard for himself. He says, “I want to prove I can still move unlike ordinary people at 70. As long as I can still fight, I hope to have a film for you every year whether it’s a literary or martial arts film. As long as I can move, I’ll definitely do my own stunts for everyone to see. This is my promise to you through the years.”

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