Yu Zheng Reiterates His Top Billing Post Wasn’t Directed at Dylan Wang Who Is Bai Lu’s Co-Star in “Only for Love”

Yu Zheng Dylan Wang and Bai Lu

More drama seems to be brewing between producer Yu Zheng versus the fans of Love Between Fairy and Devil star Dylan Wang Hedi over the upcoming series Only for Love. Dylan is slated to partner actress Bai Lu in what would be their very first collab as an onscreen couple in the show. Even before the drama’s official casting announcement last month that saw Bai Lu’s name before Dylan, there were already reports of discord over who should get top billing between the two stars. Recently though, things began heating up once more due to comments made by Yu Zheng who is Bai Lu’s boss.

Obsessing Over Billing Order is “Ridiculous”

You see, Yu Zheng recently wrote a long post about billing order where he stated people caring too much about it were quite ridiculous and that it was something he didn’t really care about. “I don’t really know what it represents and why people care so much about it. People coming at me here to obsess over billing order, I’ll just laugh at” he said. Yu Zheng also called these fans “sick” and said why not focus on improving the level of acting instead. Moreover he asked why antagonise the producer and the platform. Actors won’t be popular forever (and thus won’t hold much sway or power) or are they preparing to tank their careers already, he said.

Unsurprisingly, things got a little bit … interesting in the post’s comments section. One Netizen asked “but didn’t Bai Lu push for top billing in One and Only which dragged on the schedule?” Another asked him whether Only for Love is a female-centric drama.

Yu Zheng
Yu Zheng responds to the question if Bai Lu is the lead actress in the series

The producer claimed they never pushed for anything and that when they were first approached by the show’s producer that no male lead had been cast. “Are you stupid? When they first approached us, they told said they’ll give us top billing and pick the male lead to match our requirements…”  Yu Zheng’s response seems to imply that whoever would be cast as Bai Lu’s partner would be selected based on her team’s preference. A few hours later, Dylan Wang’s manager seemingly responds to the producer’s assertion and said “too much phlegm, I wanna spit!

Not Throwing Shade At All

Meanwhile, one of Dylan Wang’s fans commented on an unrelated new post the producer made, asking “the other party” to respect their favourite actor. “On the questions over billing order, we fans already acknowledge it. But can’t we ask the other party to respect whd? …” The fan went on to claim that Dylan has very little screen time in the drama compared to the female lead.

Yu Zheng
Yu Zheng says he’s not throwing shade at all

To this, Yu Zheng responded that he wasn’t throwing shade at Dylan at all and that his purpose for talking about billing order was to appeal to the industry to give newbies a better chance. This will lessen the chances of artists fighting amongst themselves and stealing casting positions from under each other’s noses. “I wasn’t thinking about anyone from your “side/team” at all. He added that “if I wanted to talk about a certain person, I won’t go about it in a roundabout way. I’ll just flat out name them. As if you guys didn’t know my character at all?…”

But when Dylan’s fans continued to hound him still, the exasperated producer finally said “how many times do I have to say that it has nothing to do with Wang Hedi? His manager “spit out phlegm” and you’re pointing your fingers at me as the reason? Are fans stupid?” Meanwhile, this is certainly not the first time Yu Zheng trended over his comments. He previously talked about Lighter and Princess star Zhang Jingyi and expressed his negative impression of Deng Wei who also happens to be Bai Lu’s co-star in Till the End of the Moon.

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