“Lost Track of Time” Features a Very Different Xing Fei in a Story with the Theme of Rebirth

Xing Fei
Xing Fei in Lost Track of Time
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Love between Fairy and Devil, Immortal Samsara and Love Like the Galaxy showed us all the potential of costume dramas. However, with all three signing off recently, will new drama Lost Track of Time 覆流年 manage to live up to its popular predecessors? The Fair Xing Fei and Zhai Zilu helmed costume historical romance had an opening Douban rating of 6.6 which for the genre is quite average.

Central to the story is the theme of rebirth wherein our heroine is reborn back in time. This allows her to take her vengeance on those who wronged her in her past life. This is actually a very popular trope amongst novels yet it rarely gets translated properly to the small screen. While Lost Track of Time is based on an original screenplay, it definitely explores the theme that many have come to love.

Xing Fei Takes a Different Direction

For most of us so used to seeing Xing Fei playing the bubbly heroine in sweet modern dramas like Put Your Head on My Shoulder and My Little Happiness, Lost Track of Time is a big step towards a different direction for the actress. Gone is the bubbly heroine replaced by the long suffering wife hellbent on revenge. If you watched some of the episodes, you’ll definitely know that some of the scenes are heavy on the drama and the tears.

Likewise, Jing Chao who plays the hated baddie in the story has also received praise for his acting. In a huge contrast to Zhai Zilu’s Mo Chuan who’s been in love with Lu Anran for ages, Jing Chao plays her cunning and cruel ex who you dearly wished you can punch in the face for all the stuff he pulled. So really, props to his skills as an actor since he totally made audiences hate him.


In her past life, Lu Anran (Xing Fei) was ambitious and full of adventure. However, she entrusted her heart to the wrong person when she married Mu Ze (Jing Chao). What appeared to be a fairy tale romance soured quickly and she lost everything, including her life.

Lu Anran was reborn on the eve of her 18th birthday, also the night before her very first encounter with her “ex” husband who wronged her in so many ways. Given the chance of a do-over with her eyes wide open and not blinded by love, Lu Anran begins her revenge. Right by her side is Mu Chuan (Zhai Zilu), the 9th prince who fell in love with her.

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