Xing Fei and Tang Xiaotian Match Wits in This First Glimpse at Their New Drama My Little Happiness

xing fei tang xiaotian reunite
Relive the feels from last spring’s campus hit Put Your Head on My Shoulders as its stars Xing Fei and Tang Xiaotian reunite to bring you a much more grown up drama adapted from the novel of popular young writer Dong Ben Xi Gu 东奔西顾

You know the stereotype where Asian parents want their kids to become doctors (usually)? Well My Little Happiness 我的小确幸 is a slight play on that with Cong Rong’s mum wanting her daughter to study economics overseas. Unfortunately for her, Cong Rong is dead set on becoming a lawyer. Returning home secretly to get her law degree, the law intern meets her match in her old childhood friend turned difficult client, surgeon Wen Shaoqing. In the ensuing battle of wits that follow and the added complication of the fact that Shaoqing is her next door neighbor slash landlord .. will these two individuals finally realize that they were made for each other?
xing fei my little happiness
Yes yes, I know Xing Fei is paired off differently this time with PYHoMS’s second lead actor Tang Xiaotian, but methinks it’s still great to see these two working together again. And while some of you might miss the natural chemistry Xing Fei had with actor Lin Yiin PYHoMS, I can’t wait to see what a feistier Xing Fei will bring to the table when she butts heads with Tang Xiaotian’s character. 
My Small Indeed Fortunate is 40 episode long and also stars Huang Yilin, Leon Li Chuan, Fu Weilun, Deng Yuli, Wang Mohan, Chang Long, Yang Anqi. Catch your first glimpse of the cast in the just released stills from the drama’s production team.
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my little happiness web series
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