Wang Dong Apologises After His Wife Releases Vid to Expose Him for Domestic Violence

Wang Dong
Wang Dong
Photo: Wang Dong / Weibo

44-year-old actor Wang Dong apologised for his domestic violence after his wife publicly leaked a shocking clip of him threatening her and getting very very physical. In his statement, the star expressed his regrets for taking up public resources and for his “extreme behaviour” at the time.

Curiously though, he also said he’s now “finally free from being tortured and threatened again. I used to have expectations for life. I worked hard and endured. To be controlled without respite is not a normal husband and wife relationship” he said. The actor also cautioned everyone that what we see in the two minute video does not paint a complete picture of the truth. He asked for some privacy as the issue has already been entrusted to his lawyers for resolution.

What He Refers to As “Extreme Behaviour”

In the clip, you can see the actor jumping on the bed and hear him cursing. Although the angle of the camera doesn’t show what’s happening at one point, the actor appeared to be raging at his wife who was lying/sitting on the bed. Later, it appeared like he was strangling her even. Wang Dong’s wife said she didn’t fight back because she was having menstrual cramps as it was the first day of her period.

At the end of the video, she also included photos of her injuries whilst she was 7 months pregnant. She says her husband didn’t admit to beating her since she had no video of him doing so. The last photo of her scalp says her hair no longer grows on some of the areas where he beat her. Previously, Wang Dong’s wife accused him of ghosting her and their baby as well as cheating with other women and committing frequent domestic violence against her.

Wang Dong might not be a familiar name to some of you, but the actor appeared in several supporting roles. Popular shows that include The Blue Whisper, The Legendary Life of Queen Lau, You are My Glory, Word of Honor, All is Well and Diamond Lover are amongst some of his works.

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