Yang Yang and Dilireba’s You are My Glory Unveils the First Look at the Full Cast!

Yang Yang and Dilireba's You are My Glory Unveils the First Look at the Full Cast!

Hurrah! Thanks to the new stills dropped by the drama today, we’re finally getting our first glimpse of the entire cast in Yang Yang and Dilireba Dilmurat’s first ever collab You are My Glory 你是我的荣耀! When the show first made the announcement last September, they teased us only with photos of Yang Yang and Dilireba as the main characters Yu Tu and Qiao Jingjing. I mean, let’s face it, these two alone had us all clicking so fast just to see the pair’s gorgeous visuals.

You are My Glory's Qiao Jingjing played by Dilireba

But if you’re also curious about the rest of the cast.. It includes Pan Yueming as Yu Tu’s senior who is of big help to him at the workplace and Hu Ke as Qiao Jingjing’s manager and good friend.

Alan Wang Yanlin who’s often showed off his bromance with Yang Yang as the two were both gege’s on the show The Irresistible 元气满满的哥哥 eases into a very comfortable role as Yu Tu’s good friend with a sense of humor. Zheng He Hui Zi plays Qiao Jingjing’s best friend from high school. Also in the cast are special guests Gina Jin Chen, Ji Xiaobing, Gao Lu and Tu Songyan!

What do you guys think? Everyone looks good don’t they? If anything though, I can’t help but wish a teensy bit that the drama’s production team included more shots of Yang Yang and Dilireba together you know? I’m sure many more of you would appreciate extra photos of their buzz worthy pairing. Many fans appear pretty excited too about all the feels this fresh tandem could bring if the trending hashtag of Yang Yang Dilireba dui shi 杨洋迪丽热巴对视 which roughly translates to “Yang Yang and Dilireba gazing at each other” has anything to say.

yang yang dilireba sweet

In You are My Glory, popular celebrity Qiao Jingjing (Dilireba Dilmurat) reconnects with her old crush -aerospace designer Yu Tu (Yang Yang) after ten long years when her e-game endorsement goes south. Hoping to resolve her dilemma by signing up for a gaming competition, old feelings resurface as Jingjing and Yu Tu begin to spend more time together.  

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