Shawn Dou Criticized Again for How He’s Promoting His Drama and Leaving Out Photo of Leading Lady Chen Duling

Shawn Dou in Love in Flames of War

Love in Flames of War 良辰好景知几何 has ended. It’s customary for actors to post about their show on social media, which is exactly what male lead Shawn Dou Xiao has done. However, it has seen backlash from some fans, and it seem his girlfriend Laurinda Ho is also getting flak for commenting on his post.

Love in Flames of War ended its run

On May 24, Shawn Dou took to social media to say, “It’s over….” He tagged the director and each of his cast mates from Chen Duling to Yuan Hao to say thank you. He also thanked the crew members and viewers who have watched the show. Laurinda Ho left him a comment saying, “First one.”

Unfortunately, the real-life couple ended up getting flak because of this. Some accused Laurinda of trying hard to make her presence known. Netizens were also unhappy over how Shawn uploaded 9 photos of himself and the cast but failed to include even one photo of leading lady Chen Duling. Some felt he was being overly careful to keep distance from his onscreen love interest.

As netizens began dissecting Shawn’s post, they also noticed that he edited his post three times and tagged the wrong ID for director Chung Shu Kai at first whom he also worked with in See You Again and Ten Years Late. Shawn Dou also failed to tag Zhao Yingzi who plays the second female lead. The actress left him a comment saying, “Third brother, you totally forgot your xiaozongzi (her character), sad now.”

Shawn has drawn criticism from those who feel he’s not serious about promoting his drama, and it seems the actor just can’t catch a break. Earlier this month, some drama fans felt it was inappropriate for Shawn to publicly greet his girlfriend on her birthday after a big wedding scene on Love in Flames of War. Back then, Chen Duling helped promote the wedding scene by sharing it on social media and he didn’t.

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