“Love in Flames of War” Star Shawn Dou Greets Girlfriend on Her Birthday Which Left Some CP Fans Unhappy

"Love in Flames of War" Star Shawn Dou Greets Girlfriend on Her Birthday Which Left Some CP Fans Unhappy

Shawn Dou took to social media with many sweet photos to greet his girlfriend Laurinda Ho, socialite and daughter of late casino king Stanley Ho, for her 31st birthday on May 9. The couple have been quite open about their relationship since making their dating status public in 2019. Shawn is currently back on the small screens opposite Chen Duling in the Republican drama Love in Flames of War. In the show, the main couple (CP) recently held their wedding to finally start living as husband and wife.

Shawn Dou greets Laurinda Ho on her birthday on May 9

It seems that Shawn’s decision to greet his girlfriend did not sit well with some fans who felt it wasn’t appropriate for him to post about his girlfriend when he could be promoting the show. Some said, “You ruined how I feel about this drama.” Others who were invested in the show said they pitied Shawn’s character already but his post made them realize it was all acting and they’re not saying he’s not allowed to post on social media but rather that it takes them out of the show. Nonetheless, most left comments supporting Shawn and said that people should distinguish between real life and fiction.

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