Satoshi Tsumabuki Fanboys Over Meeting Tony Leung

Satoshi Tsumabuki Fanboys Over Meeting Tony Leung
Tony Leung and Satoshi Tsumabuki wear big smiles for the camera

Chance encounter or is this a hint at something exciting to come? Japanese actor Satoshi Tsumabuki uploaded some photos of himself with legendary Hong Kong actor Tony Leung.  It appears someone’s a big fan of the 59-year-old Shang-Chi star who also has upcoming projects East Side Stories and Wu Ming. “I still can’t believe it! It was like a dream. It is my dream that we’ll one day work together” gushed the 41-year-old actor followed by a hashtag that would make any fan giddy – #imveryhappyheknowsIexist, and a lovely one that said #Ivenevermetanyonewithsuchabeautifulheart.

Satoshi has an expansive filmography in Japan, but he’s also ventured into C-ent quite a few times. He was in the 2015 wuxia film The Assassin starring Shu Qi. More recently, he has starred in the blockbuster hit Detective Chinatown 3 which was finally released for Chinese New Year 2021 after a year’s postponement due to COVID. He played Noda Hiroshi, Tang Ren and Qin Feng’s ..can we call him their frenemy? Or their friendly rival because of his impeccable investigative skills as the arrogant top detective from Japan? He also appeared in 2018’s Detective Chinatown 2 which takes place in New York City.

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