Spy Film “Wu Ming” Drops a Glimpse of Tony Leung and Wang Yibo as Intelligence Agents

Tony Leung and Wang Yibo in Nameless (lit)
Tony Leung and Wang Yibo

Wooow. Hong Kong superstar Tony Leung and Wang Yibo have teamed up for the first time ever to bring us the WWII spy thriller Nameless (lit.) aka Wu Ming 无名. Set during the Japanese occupation of Shanghai, the story is an ode to the faceless (and nameless) intelligence agents who repeatedly risked their lives for the Chinese Resistance’s war efforts and finally bring peace.

A glance at the freshly released grainy black and white shot of a suit clad Tony Leung and Wang Yibo in the film’s poster will surely take you back to dangerous times when anyone helping the Chinese Resistance are shot and executed. Although Tony and Yibo give off slick secret agent vibes here, the reality of the situation is no doubt much more grittier and messier for those involved.

Nameless rounds up the trilogy of works celebrating Chinese victory with Chinese Doctors 中国医生 and The Battle at Lake Changjin 长津湖 making up the first two parts and is directed by Cheng Er.

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