Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Finds Its Superhero and Supervillain

Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Finds Its Superhero and Supervillain
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Avid fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are in for a sweet treat! Marvel has finally announced the cast for the upcoming Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings during the recent San Diego Comic Con. 

Canadian-Chinese actor Simu Liu will step into the shoes of Marvel’s first Chinese superhero. Tony Leung who has received multiple accolades throughout his prolific career has been tapped to play The Mandarin, which for those of you who saw Iron Man 3 was the antagonist from the movie whose face was never actually revealed. 

shang chi and the legend of the ten rings
In the comics, Shang Chi was raised to be a deadly assassin by his father. He is very gifted in combat and upon seeing how evil his father is, he fakes his death to fight for justice. 

It’s definitely a big break for Simu Liu, who revealed that upon hearing about the movie for the first time, he immediately showed an interest through Twitter. Hmm, I guess I have to start spending time on Twitter in the hopes that Marvel might notice me! Kidding aside, it’s no secret that Tony Leung has been very selective with choosing projects in recent years. It’s a wonder that Tony Leung has signed on to play the antagonist in this story although this could definitely work to his advantage since it is a Marvel movie after all. 

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The cast will also include Awkwafina who is quite known for her stint in Crazy Rich Asians where she played the female lead’s outspoken best friend. Shang Chi is expected to be shown on cinemas in 2021. 

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