Tony Leung and Andy Lau Team Up After Almost Two Decades for “The Goldfinger”

Tony Leung and Andy Lau for Once Upon A Time in Hong Kong
Tony Leung and Andy Lau in yesterday’s press conference for their newest collaboration

How is it that it’s been 18 years since we last saw Infernal Affairs stars Tony Leung and Andy Lau collaborating in a project together? But at long last, the much awaited reunion of these two Hong Kong legends really is happening. Both are slated to join veteran actor Simon Yam in The Goldfinger 金手指. The action film previously known as Once Upon A Time in Hong Kong is now entitled East Side Stories. It is produced by Emperor Entertainment Group with a cool price tag of 350 million dollars – the biggest yet in Hong Kong film history.

This is definitely exciting news for fans who grew up watching Hong Kong cops and robbers shows. After all, Infernal Affairs has already become such a classic! East Side Stories also stars Philip Keung, Alex Fong, singer-actress Charlene Choi, Carlos Chan and Chin Ka-lok.

Written and directed by fellow Infernal Affairs alum Felix Chong who also wrote the original trilogy, East Side Stories is about the dramatic rise and fall of a company called Jiali Group. It is inspired by the events behind the collapse of a big conglomerate which rocked Hong Kong in the 1980s.

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