Andy Lau Makes His Social Media Debut on China’s TikTok (Douyin)

Andy Lau for Douyin

After years of keeping off social media, it appears legendary Hong Kong actor Andy Lau has finally bit the bullet to open his very own personal account. For the first time ever since his entertainment debut almost forty years ago, fans now have a way to keep up with what the superstar has been up to through his Douyin account – the Chinese counterpart of the mega popular app TikTok.

For his very first foray into social media, the star of box office hit Shock Wave 2 cheekily replayed the famous rooftop scene of him facing off against an undercover Tony Leung to infiltrate the triad from his 2002 hit film Infernal Affairs.I had no choice in the past, but now I want to open a Douyin account” said the actor as he imitated part of the lines in the movie. “Alright, let the fans know and see if they’ll let you open a Douyin account then” said a voice off frame. Andy then turns to the camera to coax fans to follow him on Douyin.

Previously, the star has mostly shunned communicating with fans via online platforms and has even been quoted to say that he felt posting words on social media lacked the warmth human interaction would bring. Since making the announcement via his official fan club and posting that clip, the famously private actor quickly hit 52 million followers in a matter of days, landing him in the top 10 amongst the high traffic users on Douyin and reaffirming that he is indeed a superstar.

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