Barbie Hsu to Finally Meet Husband DJ Koo in Person as He Arrives in Taiwan

Barbie Hsu to Finally Meet Husband DJ Koo in Person as He Arrives in Taiwan

Barbie Hsu and DJ Koo shocked the entertainment industry with their marriage announcement yesterday. In China, even hashtags like #dontdeleteyourexesnumber trended on the Weibo hot search since it’s been made known that the former couple reconnected after DJ Koo gave Barbie a call on her old number.

The length of time from her divorce to marriage also trended. Some raised comments over how she remarried just three months since her divorce with ex-husband Wang Xiaofei to whom she was married for 10 years. It can be remembered that she married ex-husband Wang Xiaofei 49 days after she met him. They have two kids – daughter Wang Hsi-yueh and son Wang Hsi-lin.

Barbie Hsu’s Past Comes Under Scrutiny

Meanwhile, details about Barbie Hsu’s past dating history have resurfaced. Barbie Hsu used to date Blackie Chen, now married to Christine Fan, during their school days and they’ve remained good friends. She dated actor Blue Lan who also appeared in Meteor Garden. Later on, she would go on to date former Meteor Garden co-star Vic Chou for three years. The two played an onscreen couple in the 2004 Taiwanese drama Mars.

As for her current beau, DJ Koo (Koo Jun-yup) can be regarded as one of the OG idols of the Hallyu Wave. He along with Kang Won-rae form the musical duo Clon that was popular in the 90’s. A clip of DJ Koo appearing as a guest on the Taiwanese show 100% Entertainment in 1998 has been going around online. Dee Hsu who was the show’s host along with Barbie asked if he’d be willing to date a Taiwanese girl. He said yes and also said he had lots of time when Dee asked if he was free. Barbie Hsu quips, “Invite him to our house, just kidding.” Barbie and DJ Koo broke up in 1999 after dating for a year.

100% Entertainment
A screencap from the variety show 100% Entertainment in 1998

Barbie Hsu and DJ Koo Will Finally Meet in Person

With so many questions about her marriage, Barbie was recently interviewed by Taiwanese media Apple Daily. She revealed that after her divorce, she and DJ Koo would have video chats everyday. As only family members can enter Taiwan during the pandemic, getting married was the only way for them to meet. She also said, “I won’t have a wedding ceremony again, I won’t have more kids, the family and kids are very touched.”

According to reports, DJ Koo has already registered their marriage in Korea as Barbie Hsu didn’t need to be physically present. On March 9, he was spotted landing in Taiwan where he will have to undergo quarantine for 10 days before he can meet Barbie Hsu and her family. However, Barbie’s mother seems to have shared her frustrations about the flash marriage saying her daughter won’t be living in Korea.

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