Barbie Hsu reveals why she started to dislike Shan Cai while filming “Meteor Garden”

Throwback Meteor Garden 2001 Shan Cai and F4
The excitement surrounding the upcoming Meteor Garden 2018 has turned the attention back to the original Taiwanese drama that started it all. A rerun is currently being broadcasted on Tencent, and its leading lady Barbie Hsu recently posted the ultimate throwback on social media with a picture of herself, former F4 members Jerry Yan, Vic Chou, Ken Chu, Vanness Wu as well as Winnie Qian and Edward Ou who played supporting roles in the drama. 

Throwback Meteor Garden 2001 Barbie Hsu with F4
While the audience today still enjoy the classic idol drama, there are those that are more critical towards it, especially towards Shan Cai who is getting flak for being constantly torn between two men.
Barbie Hsu tells all today, “Yes, I admit, during the time when Shan Cai was being indecisive, I told Director Tsai: Shan Cai sucks! I hate her, I don’t know how to portray that. The director had to convince me for a long time and said that Shan Cai is young and doesn’t know much about relationships. An ordinary girl suddenly becoming the object of affection of two handsome men, it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed…… Anyway, halfway through, I didn’t like Shan Cai anymore! But I tried my best not to let the audience hate her too much! The viewers back then were simple and let Shan Cai off easy! Who would have thought that the drama from a lifetime ago is airing again! This time there are holes everywhere! I admit, Shan Cai is a green tea (an internet slang for a girl who’s pure and innocent on the outside but not on the inside)… but I really tried to enrich her character. That’s it.”
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