Barbie Hsu Has Remarried! Her Husband South Korean Celeb DJ Koo is an Old Flame of Over 20 Years

Barbie Hsu Has Remarried! Her Husband South Korean Celeb DJ Koo is an Old Flame of Over 20 Years

On March 8, South Korean celeb Koo Jun-yup who goes by the stage name DJ Koo took to Instagram to announce his marriage (written in Korean and Traditional Chinese) to Barbie Hsu. The 52-year-old disk jockey and singer revealed that they were able to rekindle their romance from over 20 years ago since he decided to give her a call after learning about her divorce. Barbie and her studio also reposted DJ Koo’s announcement (referring to it as a statement from oppa) with the caption, “Life is unpredictable, I cherish the present happiness. Thank you for everything that has led me step by step to now.”

Since Barbie Hsu and Wang Xiaofei’s on again off again divorce finally came to a close last November, Wang Xiaofei has been subjected to dating rumors. There have been many reports that the 45-year-old Barbie looked even more youthful following her split. And it looks like she’s found love again.

Below is a Translation of DJ Koo’s Announcement

We got married. Forged an indissoluble bond with someone I fell in love with more than 20 years ago, we want to continue this precious love. When I heard the news of her divorce, I found her number from more than 20 years ago and contacted her. Luckily that number didn’t change and we were able to reconnect.
I have already missed out on too much time, can’t waste more, so I proposed marriage and Xiyuan accepted. Going forward, we will live together.

Because I got married very late, I hope to receive everyone’s support and blessings. Thank you everyone.

Koo Jun-yup (DJ Koo)

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