“Luoyang” Release Date, Trailer, Cast and More!

Wind from Luoyang stars Huang Xuan, Wang Yibo and Victoria Song

It’s here! Just in time for its December 1st premiere, the drama adaptation for Ma Boyong’s Luoyang has released a new trailer to get everyone excited. Luoyang (Fengqi Luoyang) 风起洛阳 stars Huang Xuan, Wang Yibo and Victoria Song in this gripping historical suspense drama about a man trying to clear his name through the help of two others .. except in their quest to uncover the truth, they bring to light something more sinister at play.

Breaking Down the Trailer

Luoyang’s trailer opens with a man named Gao Bingzhu, played by Huang Xuan, who’s out to seek revenge. Although he is innocent, he was falsely implicated as a suspect in a crime he didn’t commit hence the reason why he says he trusts no one except his blade.

The next few scenes introduce us to a more “bookish” Wang Yibo who plays Baili Hongyi, a scholarly type who teams up with the more street smart Gao Bingzhu to find out who poisoned his father. Yibo’s role in this series appears to be a bit of a departure from his previous characters in The Untamed and Legend of Fei (both of whom were brilliant martial artists) since Baili Hongyi’s character seems to be the book smart one in their trio.

Victoria Song rounds up the last of this unlikely trio to play Wu Siyue. Born into an aristocratic family, she conceals the fact that she’s a lady and works as a court guard to prove her value based on her own merit. This explains her more practical outfits in the trailer instead of the pretty robes noble ladies are usually kitted out with. Nonetheless, Siyue appears to have a good head on her shoulders as she actively helps the other two in their investigation.

Luoyang Cast

It’s great to see Victoria back in costumed dramas once again since the Find Yourself star seems to be favouring modern dramas lately. The fact that she’s fighting her way through the baddies and not just there to be rescued or to act pretty as a noble lady is an interesting bonus. Likewise, scholarly whites appear to be a good look for Wang Yibo although it’ll probably take a bit to get used to him not doing all the fighting and butt kicking since it’s all up to Huang Xuan and Victoria’s characters to do all that.

Luoyang premieres on December 1, 2021 on iQiyi and also stars Song Yi (Zhang Ruo Yun/ Fan Xian’s super bubbly sister in Joy of Life), Yong Mei as well as another Joy of Life alum Liu Duanduan who plays the prince Li Cheng Ze. Other cast include Zhang Duo, Zhang Li, Zhang Xilin, Gao Shuguang (who played the father in Joy of Life!) and Shu Yu.

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