Netizens Poke Fun at New Legend of Fei Poster for Similarities to Eight Immortals

Legend of Fei

Amongst the many drama updates included in Tencent’s industry event held today, upcoming wuxia  Legend of Fei 有翡 obliged many of its waiting fans with a brand new poster to help assuage some of their restlessness while waiting. Not all posters were created equally however because today’s offering ended up being quite a bit of a fail with the unexpected reception it has received from Netizens.

Eight Immortals
Legend of Fei versus the Eight Immortals

If you’re familiar with the Eight Immortals from Chinese mythology, Netizens have pointed out the poster’s similarities with the familiar childhood story about the adventures of the Eight immortals Crossing the Sea. I guess it’s the watery blue background and the placement of the Legend of Fei ’s cast (also numbering eight) that gives it that vibe isn’t it?

Meanwhile, there’s also a brand new trailer out where you can see a bit of Zhao Liying’s swordplay, bringing back memories of her Princess Agents days as well as some of Wang Yibo‘s moves. Despite the super short clips from the teaser which leave much to be desired (more please!), I think you’ll enjoy the scenes showing the super subtle flirty interactions between Zhao Liying and Wang Yibo.

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