Behind-the-Scenes Photos of the Legend of Fei Cast Drum Up Excitement for the Drama

Not that there’s a need to do any sort of drumming up, what with the killer combo of Zhao Liying making her long-awaited comeback to dramaland and Wang Yibo still fresh from the highs of The UntamedTo give viewers a glimpse of what goes on behind-the-scenes feels more like pure fan service and for that I am thankful.

Earlier this week, Zhao Liying had taken to social media to share that she has resumed filming. Legend fo Fei 有翡 is just one of the many productions that have resumed work as things start to normalize in China after having seen the worst of the epidemic and having managed to control it. Legend of Fei has been filming since September 2019. Taking into account the temporary break that lasted over a month due to COVID-19, it should be close to wrapping up. 
Adapted from the novel Bandits by Priest, Legend of Fei seems like the kind of action adventure that’s usually perfect for the summer. I know it’s still in production but is it too much to hope that it can air then?  If I might add, it’s got a very attractive cast with a lot to offer as it also includes Zhang Huiwen (Nirvana in Fire 2), Chen Ruoxuan (Novoland: Eagle Flag), Zhou Jieqiong (Miss Truth) and Oscar Sun Jian (Unbeatable You). 
P.S. I haven’t been out of the house for days due to precautionary measures taken against COVID-19 where I live so please forgive me if I sound overly enthused. Dramas are my happy pill now more than ever. Stay safe everyone! 
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