The Untamed Donghua on Youtube, Upcoming Fanmeet and Concert

The Untamed Donghua on Youtube, Upcoming Fanmeet and Concert
the untamed characters
The Untamed is seriously the gift that keeps on giving. If you’re a big fan of the donghua which is also adapted from Mo Xiang Tong Siu’s novel of the same name, then this news is for you! 

the untamed characters
With the live-action being released on Youtube, its animated version Mo Dao Zu Shi has also been made available on Tencent’s official Youtube channelThe donghua and live action follow the same story about Wei Wuxian as the founder of diabolism and Lan Wangji who stays by his side. 
tencent mo dao zu shi

Sure, many of you have probably already seen the donghua which was actually released July of last year, but if you’re outside China then you may have encountered the same problem I had when I was watching The King’s Avatar (which is also on Youtube). Truth be told, subs were hard to come by back then. Making the series available on Youtube with English subs make it easier for anyone interested to see it and certainly seems inline with how Tencent is branching out to the overseas market. 

the untamed characters
Tencent has previously expressed their desire to expand to the Southeast Asian market and has launched their first overseas video streaming service in Thailand called WeTv which also has a mobile application. Since then, WeTv has sprouted various Youtube channels like WeTV English and WeTV Indonesia. But wait, there’s more. 

the untamed characters
After The Untamed ended, it’s been announced that a fanmeet has been scheduled for September 21, 2019 in Thailand and that there will be a concert in China with details to follow. Considering that most of the cast sang their own theme songs, it should be a concert to watch for!

the untamed characters
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