Romancing the Younger Song Weilong in Find Yourself, Victoria Song Shares Why She Likes Her Character

Since it premiered last week, romance drama Find Yourself has been delivering loads of sweetness between its main leads. Victoria Song play the roles of a 32-year-old career woman who has everything together except for a love life. Song Weilong plays the hot, young intern who is 10 years her junior and utterly smitten with her. In real life, Victoria Song is 12 years older than Song Weilong. 

Depicting the older woman-younger man romance, the huge age gap may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I personally find the heroine to be an interesting character and the actress herself, thinks so too! 
Sharing why she likes her character, Victoria Song describes the heroine, He Fanxing, as a woman who is rational, independent and not restricted by what the society thinks which is all thanks to the way she was brought up by her parents that have positive views toward love and marriage. Despite He Fanxing’s age, they don’t pressure her nor do they equate marriage with happiness. It’s easy for parents to say that they respect their child’s views towards marriage but not easy to follow through with it. 
The actress shared one of the lines that she feels would warm the hearts of viewers in front of the television when He Fanxing’s father says, ‘I don’t wish for Fanxing to get married. I can have a daughter, I can raise her, and I’d be happy to support her throughout her life.’ Because of her parents, He Fanxing is innocent, enthusiastic and loves life. 
One of my biggest pet peeves in romance dramas is seeing parents force their daughters to find a man. Thankfully, He Fanxing’s parents are a breath of fresh air and the heroine a likeable character to root for. With Victoria Song’s sentiments, I now understand that the drama isn’t just about the romance but also about empowering women to live their lives as they see fit.
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