Historical Drama Luoyang Finally Unveils Huang Xuan, Wang Yibo and Victoria Song Casting

Huang Xuan plays Gao Bingzhu, Wang Yibo plays Baili Hongyi and
Victoria Song as Wu Siyue

Ushering in the start of the weekend is some news from iQiyi which just announced casting Huang Xuan, Wang Yibo and Victoria Song for its new costumed drama Wind from Luoyang 风起洛阳. While iQiyi and the drama’s official page don’t have much to offer regarding what the potential storyline looks like, word on the street is that the story is adapted from author Ma Boyong’s novel similarly entitled Luoyang although that too has not yet been published. If the name Ma Boyong doesn’t ring any bells, his works like The Longest Day in Chang’An 长安十二时辰 and Mystery of Antiques 古董局中局 should at least be familiar to you.

You may be asking why the interest in Luoyang as the drama’s setting and title? As the ancient capital of 13 dynasties, Ma Boyong once said that the city is the perfect juxtaposition of modernity and history. Many of its buildings are interesting and that is something he wishes to delve into further. Moreover, since the story involves a conspiracy to overthrow the reign of China’s only female monarch Wu Zetian, the city as a setting completely makes sense since the empress’ court was also situated here.

As for the actors, it appears the drama might be a dual male led series despite having three popular actors announced in the initial lineup. Interestingly, when iQiyi first announced the drama during the iQiyi conference, both Victoria and Wang Yibo’s names were already revealed. However, management must’ve changed their minds about the reveal because they pulled the actors’ names immediately after (maybe because of rumoured fan wars?) with “pending” indicated under the cast.

Now the posters published by iQiyi yesterday only gave us hints which characters Huang Xuan, Wang Yibo and Victoria Song will be playing but not much else. There are however unofficial posters circulating around the internet of all three stars in their supposed Luoyang costumes.

Unofficial photos of the stars in constume
UNOFFICIAL pictures of the drama’s stars in costume

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