Yang Mi and Xu Kai Couple Up in She and Her Perfect Husband for the Marriage Before Romance Trope

There’s a new drama I’ve been waiting for ever since it was announced last year and after reports from a few days ago that filming has begun, She and Her Perfect Husband 爱的二八定律 finally held its booting ceremony on February 27. The cast includes leads Yang Mi and Xu Kai along with Li Zefeng, Tang Jingmei, Wang Zixuan and Liu Lin in supporting roles. 

she and her perfect husband boot ceremony

The recent couple pairings in dramaland have been very interesting what with Ren Jialun pairing up with Bai Lu for Forever and Ever, Yang Yang pairing up with Dilireba You Are My Glory then Dilireba pairing up with Ren Jialun for The Blue Whisper. Add Yang Mi and Xu Kai to the list and we’ve got another attention-grabbing pair. 

she and her perfect husband boot ceremony

In a reversal of the domineering male lead you so often see in contract relationships, Yang Mi plays the alpha lawyer opposite Xu Kai as her “puppy dog” love interest. The two enter into a contract marriage before falling for each other. Both seem perfectly casted with Yang Mi being no stranger to strong female roles and Xu Kai who’s nine years her junior in real life as the romantic lead. Netizens had observed that Xu Kai has shed some weight for his newest drama and still handsome as ever. It’s rare to see Xu Kai in modern dramas as he’s starred in a number of period dramas after gaining fame in Story of Yanxi Palace.

she and her perfect husband boot ceremony

With filming underway, the two have already gotten into character to deliver the their terms of contract. Yang Mi as Qin Shi said that Yang Hua must appear as her husband in social events.. There’s no need to spend time dating because they’re getting married first. She has a house and he can move in. She’s good at earning money while Yang Hua is patient and attentive, so he can take care of the house. She earns enough for the both of them so she doesn’t mind whether he has a job or not. Finally, she says, “Yang Hua you need to listen to me.” Meanwhile, Xu Kai as Yang Hua responds, “You can go ahead and carve out a career for yourself, I’ll be your strongest pillar.” Okay, I’m excited for this pair. Let the romancing begin!

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