Zhang Gongan Author Expresses Dismay Over Casting

Zhang Gongan
Zhang Gongan

Producers and directors usually consider many factors when searching for their star. However, deferring to the creative input from the novel’s author might not necessarily be a priority. This makes it particularly tough for the authors, especially if the chosen actors don’t exactly bring to life their vision for the story. Today, the author of the novel Zhang Gongan 张公案 made some waves when she very publicly spoke against the casting for the role of Zhang Ping in the novel’s drama adaption.

“I object to a certain actor playing Zhang Ping because a certain drama he starred in crossed the line. Although my personal preferences won’t change anything about the casting, this is how I see things. If he plays Zhang Ping, myself and my book are distancing ourselves from any connection with the drama adaptation of Zhang Gongan. I apologise for any potential harm my opinion might cause” writes Dafeng Guaguo 大风刮过.

Who Could the Potential “Zhang Pings” Be?

That remains to be seen as the author didn’t name any names nor has she given any hints. It’s worth noting though that actors Jing Boran, Leo Wu Lei and Song Weilong are some of the names that are rumoured to have expressed an interest in playing Zhang Ping.

Of the three, Leo Wu Lei and Song Weilong’s names have been industry constants in recent months as they continue churning out quite a few dramas. Leo has recently co-starred in the live adaptation of the popular tactical game Cross Fire. He will also be starring in the drama Chang Ge Xing opposite actress Dilraba Dilmurat.

Meanwhile, Song Weilong has been on a massive roll this year having popped out four dramas and it’s only August! There’s Find Yourself at the beginning of the year where he played Victoria Song’s much younger other half. He followed that up with Beautiful Reborn Flower, In A Class of Her Own and the currently playing Go Ahead. As for Jing Boran, his drama The Love of Hypnosis hasn’t declared an air date yet for this year. However two of his movies The Shadow Play and The Climbers have already hit cinemas last year.

What did Dafeng Guaguo mean when she wrote “a certain drama he starred in crossed the line“? Netizens have been speculating that the author is talking about Untouchable Lovers which allegedly plagiarised one of her novels. If that’s the case, then that means the blind item is alluding to Song Weilong who starred in the drama. But then again this is all conjecture so please take this with a grain of salt.

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