Zheng Yecheng Career Shift from Chinese Opera to TV and Film Actor

Zheng Yecheng first made a name for himself as one of Yang Yang’s friends in the hit series “Love O2O” in 2016. Since then, he has taken on leading roles in web dramas like “An Oriental Odyssey” and “My Sassy Princess,” and most recently, a supporting role in Jackie Chan’s 2024 film “A Legend.” The actor had previously interacted with Jackie Chan in the reality show “Memories Beyond Horizon,” where his martial arts background stood out. Zheng Yecheng graduated from the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts, majoring in Chinese opera as a martial sheng (武生).

Recently, Zheng Yecheng represented his alma mater when appearing on a BRTV show (亲爱的学弟学妹), where alumni answer questions from their juniors. The 30-year-old actor whose first job was actually a body double before he got acting roles was asked if he ever regretted switching careers from Chinese opera to TV and film.

His response was:”There’s still a bit of regret” as it’s something many spend years studying since their youth. He said, “I’m still grateful for what I learned in Chinese opera. The performance techniques, the charm, the expressions… no matter what career you take—whether it’s directing or screenwriting—the unique perspectives and insights gained will always be there.” He said he was able to never give up on his chosen path all thanks to his alma mater as it gave him the foundation to keep persevering.

Photo: Zheng Ye Cheng / Weibo

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