“My Sassy Princess” Has Yuan Bingyan Chasing After Zheng Yecheng in a New Historical Romance

My Sassy Princess stars Crystal Yuan Bingyan and Zheng Yecheng

My Sassy Princess 祝卿好 is a costumed historical romance series starring Crystal Yuan Bingyan and Zheng Yecheng that premieres today, April 16, on iQIYI.

It tells the hilarious story of a domineering princess who goes through great pains (and countless strategies!) to win the cold heart of the man who captured her affections. Adapted from the novel 我的锦衣卫大人 by author Yiren Kuikui, brace yourself for a lot of shenanigans as our heroine tries to get her prince – a jinyiwei (Embroidered Uniform Guard), to fall in love with her.

Crystal Yuan Bingyan stars as the aforementioned sassy princess Liu Ling. After shooting up in popularity playing the lead role of Xuan Ji in 2020’s fantasy series Love and Redemption, this will be her next drama in the historical genre to hit the small screens. Meanwhile, Zheng Yecheng stars as her romantic lead Shen Yan who, let’s just say, took a lot of “convincing” before falling for her charms. He was unfavored in the Shen family in the past until everyone slowly took notice of his abilities.

My Sassy Princess also stars Merxat Mi Re as Shen Yu, he grew up a child prodigy and has a love interest in Zhang Yue’s Xu Shijin. Also in the cast are Yang Zhiwen as the heroine’s cousin and Guo Xiaotian. Interestingly, Yang Zhiwen and Zheng Yecheng are working together for the third time after playing the younger cast in Singing All Along and playing supporting roles in Mirror: A Tale of Twin Cities though never as an onscreen couple.

Crystal Yuan Bingyan stars in My Sassy Princess
My Sassy Princess Zheng Yecheng
Merxat Mi Re
Zhang Yue
Yang Zhiwen
Guo Xiaotian

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