Shen Yue Says “I don’t want to act (it out)” After Anxiety Attack Onstage

Shen Yue Says “I don’t want to act it out” After Anxiety Attack Onstage
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Poor Shen Yue. The 25-year-old actress’ anxiety attack was caught on camera in an episode of the newly-launched acting reality show Memories Beyond Horizon. Even before she was called up for her self-introduction, Shen Yuen was already feeling the jitters and said she wasn’t feeling confident. But standing onstage facing a panel of esteemed mentors that included industry veterans like Kara Wai, Sheren Tang, Benz Hui, Derek Yee and even Jackie Chan, it seems the actress’ nerves got the best of her.

From the get go, it was quite obvious that Shen Yue was very very nervous –  her hands were shaking as she clutched the mike. But after just one phrase, she was already tearing up and had to repeat her spiel from the start. She said “she didn’t want to be like this” but that she felt so stressed out standing in front of so many masters. Some of the mentors advised her to take a breath to centre herself. Others essentially told her to get a grip.

“Did you pretend to be nervous just now?”

After learning from the video that she’s already had six years of experience in the industry, some of the mentors wondered why she still got so nervous. They even thought she was just acting like she couldn’t control her emotions. Kara Wai added that it wasn’t a good way to make a first impression to the mentors. “The biggest failure of an actor is to forget all the skills learned when faced with a senior” she said. A visibly upset Shen Yue then apologised and said she wasn’t pretending. It’s just that it’s difficult to get a hold of herself in such an occasion. Kara then told her that the first thing she must do is to grow thicker skin.

Shen Yue added that when facing the camera and her director, she said she doesn’t get nervous. Concluding that she’s a “camera” actor and not someone who could do stage work in front of a big audience, mentor Maggie Cheung Ho-Yee advised to control her fears if she wants to become a versatile actor. Meanwhile, picking up from her comment that she doesn’t get nervous in front of directors, Derek Yee who’s a director told her to do an improv showing how she’s “disdainful of the show and couldn’t care less about the results”. This is where things started to really go downhill for the actress.

“I Don’t Want to Act It Out”

Initially, Shen Yue nervously tried to give it a go, but after being told to get on with it and to hurry and “act!”, she kind of gave up and said she doesn’t want to perform anymore. The mentors tried to give her some encouraging words but after walking off the stage, Shen Yue broke down in tears.

Backstage, several of the mentors tried to comfort her and give her words of support. Kara, who’s known to give some tough love to the contestants, gave her a hug and said it’s okay. Ever the mentor however, she also advised her not to waste the opportunity whilst also giving her tips on how she could’ve handled Derek’s improv request. Others like Benz and Francis Ng also came backstage to check on her to boost her up.

Shen Yue Shares Her Thoughts

Meanwhile, Shen Yue has also taken to social media to post about her experience. The actress who actually started out working behind the scenes said that vlogging is something she’s comfortable with. However, a big variety show like Memories Beyond Horizon is outside of her comfort zone such that her fears and cowardice have nowhere to hide. She wrote, “I don’t want to run away, don’t want to always hide behind others…” Through this experience, she looks forward to seeing a new side of herself in the future and wishes for everyone to be happy and brave.

What do you guys think? Reaction online is very much divided. Some viewers believe it is all part of the script. Others echoed the same musings of the mentors wondering how she was able to handle things the past 6 years. Meanwhile, supportive Netizens cheered her on to keep working hard, not to give up and don’t be discouraged. Likewise, there are also those of the opinion that she shouldn’t squander the opportunity given to her.

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