From Mentor to Lovers: Tan Songyun and Xu Kai in “As Beautiful as You”

From Mentor to Lovers: Tan Songyun and Xu Kai in "As Beautiful as You"

Next up amongst the new releases is Seven Tan Songyun and Xu Kai’s As Beautiful as You 你比星光美丽 scheduled to hit the small screens on July 2, 2024. As the only urban drama out of the bunch of new launches, As Beautiful as You takes us through the realities of the work place and the challenges posed to anyone in pursuit of the entrepreneurial dream.

As Beautiful As You Cast

In terms of the show’s billing order, Tan Songyun and Xu Kai are ranked equally by the show. Xu Kai just wrapped up his latest project, the urban drama series Best Choice Ever with actress Yang Zi which turned out to be quite a hit amongst viewers back in April. Meanwhile, Tan Songyun who returns to primetime on Hunan TV has been known to deliver such as the hit family-themed Go Ahead, her modern romance with actor Jing Boran in 2023’s Road Home or even the CCTV series Flight to You with Wang Kai.

Also in the cast are He Ruixian and Gao Han. Incidentally, actor Gao Han is now going on his 4th drama with Xu Kai following Falling into Your Smile, Ancient Love Poetry and Wonderland of Love. Kira Shi Shi and Wu Shile take special starring roles while Ao Ruipeng makes a friendly appearance.

From Mentor to Lovers

In As Beautiful as You, Tan Songyun plays techie Ji Xing who hits a roadblock in her career and ends up quitting her job to follow her dreams. But as most start-up owners can attest to, the journey ahead is a tough one, made worse by a tearful breakup after a long relationship. Despite the obstacles, I love how Ji Xing tries to appear confident and fights for what she wants even if she’s clearly in unfamiliar waters. Imposter syndrome surely is a thing for her right?

Luckily, her unique insights won her the support of Xu Kai’s Han Ting, the president of Dong Yang Medical who not only invests in her business but becomes her mentor and partner in her journey. Despite being a big CEO, Xu Kai’s Han Ting doesn’t give off the cold and stoic vibes we typically see in workplace dramas. He’s actually warm and pretty sweet to her and they know each other from school (he’s her senior in college and they even won a contest together) so the eventual romance that develops between them should be much more believable. In reality, Tan Songyun at 34, is actually five years older than Xu Kai, though they could totally pull off the mentor-mentee dynamic with her youthfulness and Xu Kai nailing the dominant CEO, especially when he’s all suited up.”

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