The Princess Royal: Cast, Synopsis and Premiere Date

The Princess Royal stars Angel Zhao Jinmai and Zhang Linghe

What better way to welcome the first week of summer than with a whole slew of fresh drama pickings  to binge on. With popular shows wrapping up to make way for new ones such as iQIYI’s Follow Your Heart and Tencent’s The Legend of Heroes, The Princess Royal (度华年) featuring Angel Zhao Jinmai and Zhang Linghe is another one making its premiere on June 26, 2024. It’s Youku’s next historical romance following the success of The Double, so expectations are definitely high.

Enemies Get a Second Chance Romance

Crown Princess Li Rong (Zhao Jinmai) of Xia and Prime Minister Pei Wenxuan (Zhang Linghe) became husband and wife due to political reasons. Who knew that they will eventually come to regret marrying each other. Likewise, their marriage of convenience ultimately leads to their own demise as they each fall prey to the machinations of others. Unexpectedly, Li Rong and Pei Wenxuan are given a second chance as they “travel” back to the year before they were married for a chance to do it all over again.

Li Rong is no longer 38 years old but 18 again. What starts out with Li Rong wanting to marry the elegant Su Rongqing whilst Wen Xuan jealously looks on appears to have a fighting chance to turn into something so much more. From enemies in their “previous” life to adorably bickering besties, love eventually blooms, all amidst the high-stakes political machinations in court.

The Princess Royal is the drama adaptation of Mo Shubai’s novel Zhang Gong Zhu (长公主). This being a romance which involves the “rebirth/reincarnation” genre, it’d be interesting to see how the drama will get around the censors though according to the plot, it appears the two “dream back” to their prime years. It features Chen Heyi as the second male lead Su Rongqing, Liu Xuwei as Li Chuan, Cheng Guo as Shangguan Ya and actress He Qiu as Qin Zhenzhen with a special appearance by Yi Daqian as Su Ronghua.

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