Zhou Ye Faces Backlash for Avoiding the Camera at Recent Event

Zhou Ye Faces Backlash for Avoiding the Camera at Recent Event

Chinese actress Zhou Ye, who began her career with the acclaimed film “Better Days” (2019) and had a breakout supporting role in “Word of Honor” (2021), has cemented her status as a leading lady with back-to-back roles from “Scent of Time” to “Everyone Loves Me.” However, the 26-year-old actress recently found herself at the center of controversy due to her behavior backstage at a public event.

The clip, captured by China’s state-run channel CCTV-6, shows Zhou Ye walking along a corridor. When it seemed like she noticed she was being filmed, she turned away from the camera and faced the wall, despite the staff greeting her with, “Hello Zhou Ye.” The clip was released on CCTV-6’s official Douyin account.

Zhou Ye on CCTV6' camera

Netizens criticized Zhou Ye for being “too arrogant” and disrespectful, suggesting that her reaction indicated a poor attitude towards the staff. However, some defended her, arguing that it is not mandatory for celebrities to always smile or engage with the camera, and she might have mistaken the staff for a stalker fan.

CCTV-6 seemingly refuted this by showing that their staff were clearly identified by official badges, making it unlikely that Zhou Ye could have mistaken them for unauthorized individuals. The incident has sparked a debate about the expectations placed on public figures. Some believe Zhou Ye may need to apologize and criticize her fans for defending her, while others feel it is unfair to single her out. Notably, her clip was released without any captions, unlike other celebrities who interacted positively with the camera, implying a different treatment.

Photo: Zhou Ye / Weibo and Movie News / Douyin

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