Exciting Pairings for Lin Yi with Post ’95 Actresses Esther Yu in ‘Ski Into Love’ and Zhou Ye in ‘Everyone Loves Me’

Lin Yi
Lin Yi
Left: Everyone Loves Me with Zhou Ye. Right: Shh, The King is Hibernating starring opposite Esther Yu Shuxin

Some back to back updates on 25-year-old actor Lin Yi since two of his upcoming dramas on Youku dropped new teasers and deets on the same day. First, you can already check out modern romance drama Everyone Loves Me 别对我动心 he’s starring in together with Zhou Ye, Tang Mengjia, Jiang Yiming and Zhan Yu. The web drama just dropped fresh new stills to hype everyone up for its yet to be announced premiere. As far a new pairings go, Lin Yi and Zhou Ye appear to be well matched visually. And if there’s a word to describe these two, it’s definitely adorable.

Everyone Loves Me tells the story of two online friends who never knew they’ve already met in real life. Except real life Yue Qian Ling (Zhou Ye) gets rejected by Gu Xun (Lin Yi) when she confesses her feelings. Meanwhile Gun Xun is secretly crazy about his online friend who turns out to be Yue Qian Ling, the very same woman he rejected!

Lin Yi
Lin Yi plays gamer Gun Xun in Everyone Loves Me

Ski Into Love Holds Boot Ceremony

Then there’s his much anticipated drama adaptation of the novel Shh, The King is Hibernating which held its boot ceremony today signaling the start of filming. Yet another modern drama, Ski Into Love 嘘, 国王在冬眠 features 28-year-old actress Esther Yu Shuxin opposite the actor in a pairing that has oft been considered a dream pairing for fans. Most especially after seeing the pair’s amazing chemistry in the variety show Let’s Go Skiing back in 2021. In fact, CP fans have already dubbed it the real life version of Shh, The King is Hibernating since it could easily be a scene from the drama what with the story taking place in a snowy resort between a beleaguered manga artist (Esther) and her ski instructor (Lin Yi).

Today’s back to back release of teasers will undoubtedly also stir up some comparisons between his two leading ladies Esther Yu and Zhou Ye, two popular stars in the post ’95 generation. But whether you’re team Esther or team Zhou Ye, it’s definitely an exciting time for Lin Yi.

Shh, The King is Hibernating starring Lin Yi and Esther Yu Shuxin kicks off filming
Shh, The King is Hibernating‘s Boot Ceremony today, February 23, 2024

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