Zhou Dongyu Finally Reveals Her Egg Head for Better Days

Zhou Dongyu Finally Reveals Her Egg Head for Better Days
Zhou Dongyu Better Days
There is commitment and there is COMMITMENT. The new youth film Better Days 少年的你 has unveiled its new poster featuring the leads Zhou Dongyu and Jackson Yee who looked almost identical sporting similar close cropped hair cuts. Call me old fashioned, but this was definitely a gutsy move since hair is usually considered a woman’s “crowning glory”, and for an actress, it’ll doubly be trickier if you have back to back tapings lined up and hair just takes a loooooooong time to grow back. Granted, wigs are definitely an option but it just won’t be the same. Zhou Dongyu usually wears her hair in a “lob” (long bob) but this almost androgynous look was certainly something new.

Zhou Dongyu Better Days
In the film, Zhou Dongyu plays a teenager who is both rebellious and obedient. When asked about her hair, the actress laughed it off and said the change was quite interesting but that there’s really nothing noteworthy about it. But even her good friend Sandra Ma, who worked with the actress in her breakthrough film Soul Mate, jumped in on the action – reposting a photo of Zhou on her social media account captioned ” You can finally say why you’ve been wearing a hat last year. But it’s extremely worth it, this teenage version of you is beautiful. You are the queen of eggs”. 

Zhou Dongyu Better Days
Come to think of it, there have been some photos of the actress floating around the interweb in a bucket hat with shorter hair around autumn of last year. Her studio also dropped some photos that they’ve been keeping for almost a year featuring gorgeous shots of Zhou Dongyu rocking her look. 
Zhou Dongyu egghead look
On the topic of the actress, fans of Zhou Dongyu might be interested to know that she is scheduled to appear in this year’s Women in Motion forum at the Festival de Cannes  to support women in film – highlighting the contributions women have made to the industry and to promote gender equality. She will be on hand to share her experiences as an actress in the Chinese film industry at the forum on the 19th of May (20:30 GMT+8). Be sure to check her out! 

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