“Love’s Ambition” Brings First Time Pairing Between Zhao Lusi and William Chan

Next up in c-dramaland is the new pairing of Zhao Lusi and William Chan for the drama adaptation of author Zhang Yueran‘s Da Qiao Xiao Qiao 大乔小乔. The series which is titled Love’s Ambition 许我耀眼 has already begun filming after holding its boot ceremony this week. Although this is Zhao Lusi and William Chan’s first time being paired up, the duo first drew attention when they both appeared in the variety show The Fairy Tales 童话 last year when they were blowing up balloons to get points. I guess producers must have seen something in their adorable interaction hence this new couple pairing for the modern drama.

Interestingly enough, 25-year-old Zhao Lusi actually gets top-billing for Love’s Ambition which was expected by her fans, though it had sparked debate between her and the 38-year-old actor’s fans despite him being older and “more seasoned” in the industry.

love's ambition supporting cast

In the series, Zhao Lusi plays Xu Yan, a young woman who leaves her small town to work her way into the big city. There she marries the talented Shen Haoming (William Chan). Unfortunately, the couple eventually drift apart and divorce due to their different backgrounds and values. With no career and zero love life, Xu Yan finds herself facing a different path in her career and discovers for herself the true meaning of love and family.

Love’s Ambition also features Wan Peng and reunites Zhao Lusi with her The Story of Pearl Girl cast mate Tang Xiaotian. It’s not the only reunion as Zhao Lusi also reunites with child actor Fu Bohan who’s also in Who Rules the World and The Story of Pearl Girl, not to mention the 12-year-old also played the young William Chan in A Date with the Future.

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