“Who Rules the World” aka “Qie Shi Tian Xia” Drops New Promos Ahead of Its April 18 Premiere

"Who Rules the World" poster

If Yang Yang and Zhao Lusi’s Who Rules the World aka Qie Shi Tian Xia 且试天下 is on your To Watch list, mark your calendars because the series premiere of April 18 is fast approaching. The drama is an adaptation of author Qing Ling Yue’s novel of the same name and tells the tale of Hei Fengxi and Bai Fengxi’s wanderings and the eventual relationship that blooms between them. Don’t expect the two characters to fall in love quickly though as it actually takes them a decade.

Yang Yang plays Hei Fengxi. Brilliant but reserved, he is well-versed in martial arts and well loved by the people. Meanwhile, Zhao Lusi plays Bai Fengxi. Carefree and straightforward, she too is no slouch when it comes to her martial arts abilities. Torn between loyalty to family and a choice between love and hatred, will the burgeoning feelings between them be allowed to bloom? And at what cost?


After several projects making modern dramas, the series Who Rules the World marks Yang Yang’s return to costumed dramas. Hard to imagine the last one he filmed was back in 2018 seeing how he looks right at home in his historical get up. Moreover, Yang Yang fans are in for a real treat this month since they’ll be getting a double helping of their favourite actor. Aside from Who Rules the World, his action packed military drama Glory of Special Forces 特战荣耀 is also currently on air after premiering last April 5.

Meanwhile, look forward to seeing a more kick-ar*ed version of Zhao Lusi in the show. Moving away from her usual tianchong dramas (sweet historical romances), the actress will instead be kicking some serious butt as a wuxia heroine in this series.

As for the rest of the cast, you might recognise showbiz veterans Zhang Fengyi and Carman Lee in supporting roles as well some familiar faces from popular dramas such as The Untamed’s Xuan Lu and Eternal Love’s Leon Lai Yi and Wayne Liu Ruilin.  Who Rules the World also features Giver He Kailang and Zhang Tianyang.

qie shi tian xia veteran cast
qie shi tian xia supporting cast

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