Zhao Lusi Sets Aside Pretty Girl Image in “The Story of Pearl Girl”

Zhao Lusi Sets Aside Pretty Girl Image in New Trailer for "The Story of Pearl Girl"

The Story of Pearl Girl 珠帘玉幕, a Tang dynasty historical drama starring Zhao Lusi and Liu Yuning follows pearl diver Duan Wu who makes her escape from the pearl diving fields for a better life. Setting her sights on learning the secrets of the jewelry trade, she heads west where she makes the acquaintance of merchant Yan Zijing (Liu Yuning) and Zhang Jinran (Tang Xiaotian).

Unexpectedly, she almost loses her life after getting caught in Yan Zijing’s plans of revenge. Following her near miss, she reinvents herself as Su Muzhe and ventures to Yangzhou in pursuit of the truth despite the many dangers.

The Story of Pearl Girl Trailer

Freedom. I long for freedom” so wishes Zhao Lusi’s character Duan Wu at the beginning. Looking at all the torture and beatings she and her fellow pearl divers had to endure, it’s no wonder all Duan Wu wants is to escape. Yet despite it all, she remains optimistic about grabbing all the opportunities going her way.

If you’re used to seeing the cutesy adorable side of Zhao Lusi – she is after all the queen of light hearted sweet romances (tianchongju 甜宠剧), The Story of Pearl Girl’s newest trailer offers up a glimpse of a darker and mature side of Zhao Lusi as she continues to endure everything thrown her way. Whilst she still manages to look pretty in most of the scenes, you’ll definitely enjoy seeing a much intense version of her as she claws her way to survival in the series.

Meanwhile, at first glance Yan Zijing , the character played by Lusi’s The Long Ballad partner Liu Yuning, appears to be giving off some serious baddie vibes in the drama. In his all black outfits, Liu Yuning looks pretty menacing enough, not to mention he totally nails his sinister face in this one. However it looks like he might be getting a change of heart later in the series to become someone she can depend on.

The Story of Pearl Girl also stars Tang Xiaotian, Shang Wanqing, Tang Zhenchao with special guest appearance by Xie Keyin.

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