Liu Haocun and Wang Anyu Bring Campus Romance to Life in ‘Be Passionately In Love’

Be Passionately In Love
Liu Haocun and Wang Anyu at the Be Passionately In Love boot ceremony

Be Passionately In Love 陷入我们的热恋 , the retelling of Er Dong Tu Zi‘s 耳东兔子 novel of the same name has kicked off filming. After different names were speculated as leads, the series finally confirmed Liu Haocun as Xu Zhi and Wang Anyu as Chen Lu Zhou.

Although Liu Haocun is known as a “Yimou girl,” things haven’t been so easy for the actress. Despite being a fairly new face in the industry – she made her acting debut in 2020, she’d become the target of hate due to past controversies. Nonetheless, her acting appears to be pretty solid to have earned her a Golden Rooster nomination for her performance in A Little Red Flower. And, visually speaking, Liu Haocun and Wang Anyu, who are 26 and 24 respectively appear to be well-matched. Both don the school uniform for their latest drama. She emerges as the dark horse of the Gaokao exams, while he carries the reputation of a wealthy jerk. However, she sees him differently, beyond the misconceptions others hold.

Be Passionately In Love

It’d be pretty interesting to see how this new pairing will fare. Wang Anyu and Zhao Lusi were super cute as an onscreen couple in The Last Immortal while Liu Haocun also had a memorable pairing with Lin Yi in Derailment. Nonetheless, I’m sure both stars will be up for it.

Other actors set to appear in the drama are Wu Hankun, Zhang Xinyi, Song Ningfeng, Zhang Jiashuo, Ding Luyao, Song Lin, Zhang Enshuo, Sun Mengqiu, Hu Baosen, Li Zeyu and Wang Yiming.

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