Jackson Yee Goes for the Real Deal When He Asks Gao Ya Lin to Slap Him for Their Movie A Little Red Flower

Jackson Yee FI
Jackson Yee in A Little Red Flower

Following up on his hugely successful film Better Days opposite Zhou Dongyu, Jackson Yee hops right back on the movie bandwagon to bring us A Little Red Flower 送你一朵小红花. It is a film he stars in with Liu Hao Cun, Zhu Yuanyuan, Gao Ya Lin, Xia Yu and Yue Yun Peng. Like Better Days, Jackson Yee seems to have gravitated towards a more serious theme once again in A Little Red Flower since the plot tackles the subject of mortality and the importance of cherishing every day moments after a cancer diagnosis.

Jackson Yee in A Little Red Flower
“If I don’t get out to catch my breath, I might as well be dead” says an emotional Jackson Yee in a tension filled scene from the movie A Little Red Flower

It’s quite a heavy and emotionally laden role if you ask me. But, as his past roles in Better Days and the great reviews he received in Longest Night in Chang’an proves, Jackson certainly has the acting chops to tackle those emotionally charged scenes as a teenager struggling with cancer. If you’ve seen the clip of the actor getting a painful slap in the face just released by the film, you can just feel the frustration rolling off of him and all the emotions in his eye.

Moreover, being the ever consummate professional, the behind the scenes clip of the slap scene also shows the actor asking co-star Gao Ya Lin to slap him for real to give the scene much more verisimilitude than a fake slap could. Mind he even said he can do the scenes a few more times just to get it right!

He may still be young, but Jackson Yee has definitely come a long way from his boy band days, blossoming from a talented singer and dancer into a bonafide actor slash multi hyphenate. I’ve no doubts he’ll quickly grow into a force to be reckoned within the entertainment industry as he continues to hone his craft.

A Little Red Flower Opens December 31 in China

Theatres in China have been back in operations so A Little Red Flower is already slated for a New Year’s Eve day (December 31st) release.

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