Better Days Starring Zhou Dongyu and Jackson Yee Garners Good Initial Reviews

better days zhou dongyu jackson yee
Good news for those of you who have been eagerly awaiting Zhou Dongyu and Jackson Yees film Better Daysbecause the flick has FINALLY been released. After being beset by a series of unfortunate circumstances – first it was unceremoniously pulled out of the 2019 Berlin International Film Festival’sofficial roster, and then just as it was about to hit theatres, the film was suddenly yanked off air a mere three days prior to its debut; the looooong awaited movie can finally see the light of day.

better days zhou dongyu jackson yee
I’ve yet to see the movie but thus far the reviews have been good. As the film tackles the hot topic of school bullying and how it affects lives, the two main leads Zhou Dongyu and Jackson Yee received much praise for their portrayal of Chen Nian and Xiao Bei. The pair were also lauded for their emotionally gripping performances while others were wowed by how much they were pulled into the story because of the authentic and evolving relationship between their characters. 
Extra props to Jackson Yee who takes the headlining role in a movie for the first time and proves his acting chops once more after his recent success in The Longest Day in Chang’an. One netizen even said that they ugly-cried the entire two hours of the film – so if you cry easily (me included), you’ve been forewarned!
better days jackson yee
Box office reception of the movie too seems to be positive as it’s reported that Better Days has raked in 100 million yuan (approx. 14m USD) in pre-sales alone. 
better days zhou dongyu jackson yee
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