“The Last Immortal” Couples: How Their Stories End

In The Last Immortal finale, key characters face their destinies to give an ending that’s not something you haven’t seen before, yet still gives closure to each one. Hua Shu (Cao Feiran), realizing her father, Peacock King, never intended to revive Lan Feng (Cui Hang) and even took part in his death, sacrifices herself for justice, choosing to perish with her father. She was hated for most of the series, but ultimately chooses what’s right at the end. Meanwhile, Feng Yin (Zhao Lusi) and Yuan Qi (Wang Anyu) who finally overcome many trials and misunderstandings face another twist.

As they united against the demonic threat, Yuan Qi, unwilling to lose A Yin again, sacrifices himself using his chaos power to seal the Demon God Ming Qi (Kenji Chen), leaving both his mortal and divine self extinguished as he dissipates into thin air. But if you already have experience watching Chinese dramas in the fantasy romance genre, you’d know that “dead” doesn’t always mean dead. Feng Yin continues her desperate search for Yuan Qi to no avail. Hong Yi (Li Yunrui) and Yan Shuang’s (Jia Nai Na) romance, which has its ups and downs culminates in a big wedding. Yan Shuang actually put off their wedding for years (thousands?) since she didn’t want Feng Yin to be lonely. Hong Yi finally convinces her and it’s a good thing he did.

The wedding between Hong Yi and Yan Shuang not only serves as a happy ending for the second couple, but it’s also at this time that Yuan Qi’s Spirit Sword suddenly turns up. This proves that what follows is no dream sequence but reality. The next scene shows Feng Yin under a pear blossom tree, she turns around and sees Yuan Qi. They smile in a tearful reunion and a rather abrupt end. Unexpectedly, it was “villain” Ming Qi who played a crucial role in resurrecting our hero, honoring a bet with Xiu Yan to offer Yuan Qi a chance at life. Additionally, Ao Ge (He Kailang) who’s King again also finds love with San Sheng Shi (Huang Riying) as they bump into each other at the wedding.

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