Wang Anyu on Heartbreaking Scene in “The Last Immortal,” Says He’s Worried He’ll Get Scolded

Wang Anyu
Wang Anyu and Zhao Lusi

[SPOILERS AHEAD] Once you reach the upcoming 25th episode of The Last Immortal 神隐, you’ve no doubt reached the heart wrenching scene where Wang Anyu’s character Gu Jin basically leads Zhao Lusi’s A-yin to her own destruction. It’s a painful lead-up with the heroine asking why the male lead doesn’t trust her. He deals out a punishment that plunges a sword into A-yin to rid her of her immortal bone thinking that it’s the only way to at least keep her alive, but he doesn’t know that his actions would kill her.

Wang Anyu recently talked about what was going through his mind at the time and admitted he felt super apprehensive when they filmed the scene where A-yin died by his hands. He admitted he was a tad worried about the hate and the scolding he might be getting but stressed that there really was no choice. For one thing, that’s how things panned out in the original story which he says the show tried to honour. Moreover, the 25- year-old actor also says Gu Jin in the original story also understood clearly that he didn’t have a choice. “Perhaps he did it for justice because he understood deep inside that what he needs to protect is the three realms and sacrifice the woman he loved.”

Wang Anyu also added that he was quite concerned his performance wouldn’t adequately show the conflict Gu Jin might’ve been feeling as the ruler of the three realms torn between saving mankind or saving A-yin who was profoundly dear to him. “I really hope I’m able to make everyone feel all the emotions I put into it” he said.

Zhao Lusi

In the end, Gu Jin made his choice to protect the three realms, but if he, Wang Anyu were in Gu Jin’s position and given a choice, who would he pick? “I will absolutely choose to protect A-yin wholeheartedly” he answered.

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