Zhao Lusi on Why She Took On the Role of A-Yin in “The Last Immortal”

Zhao Lusi
Zhao Lusi and Wang Anyu
Photo: The Last Immortal / Weibo

Zhao Lusi candidly revealed the reason why she took on the role of A Yin in her latest xianxia The Last Immortal, and it might not be what you think. The 25-year-old actress is currently partnered with actor Wang Anyu on the show which premiered on the December 11th. Dramaland’s newest CP hopped on the show’s promotional wagon where fans got a glimpse at their chemistry as they adorably bickered and answered some questions. Zhao Lusi also spilled the tea why she said yes to playing Feng Yin aka A Yin.

Wang Anyu and Zhao Lusi in the Last Immortal

Years ago, I said in an interview why were all the low-IQ things being done by the female protagonist.  I said I’m not willing” she said. That’s why when she saw the script for The Last Immortal, she immediately said yes (but not before having a laugh first and looking at co-star Wang Anyu). “Oh my gosh, how is it possible there’s such a male protagonist? I must take this (role)! This is the script I’ve been dreaming of many years ago!” Lusi’s unexpected and totally refreshing answer made the audience laugh .. but does that mean, we can expect her character A Yin to be much smarter than Wang Anyu’s Yuan Qi? *lol*

She elaborated that they’ve all played characters with flaws that would have people asking, “why’d he do that…” She explains that A-Yin appears smart and cute because A Jing complimented her. All in all, she’s very thankful their characters can compliment each other. Regardless, it looks like the sweet chemistry between these two will have audiences shipping their CP in no time.

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