“The Last Immortal” Has Zhao Lusi and Wang Anyu in a Master-Servant Contract

Zhao Lusi and Wang Anyu

Mark your calendars! The Last Immortal 神隐 starring Zhao Lusi and Wang Anyu recently announced its premiere this coming December 11th on Tencent WeTV and Mango TV.

The drama once again ventures into the realm of xianxia, a genre that has captivated viewers. It is based on the novel Hidden God by Xing Ling, which shares connections with Ancient Love Poetry and Chasing the Moon. Many find it amusing that the 25-year-old actress just had a summer hit this year called Hidden Love. Our leading lady seems unable to ‘hide’ her stardom lately with several projects airing back-to-back.

"The Last Immortal" Has Zhao Lusi and Wang Anyu in a Master-Servant Contract

Now, Zhao Lusi takes on the role of Yin, a Shuining Beast who must overcome challenges alongside Gu Jin, played by Wang Anyu. He is the son of the true God who faces a peculiar fate – his magical powers remain sealed. As their paths intertwine, Yin and Gu Jin embark on a thrilling journey, accompanied by colorful characters they meet along the way. Their ultimate goal? To find Feng Yin’s Immortal Essence and uncover its secrets.

Beyond the quest, The Last Immortal promises a relationship between its leads that is anything but boring. Prepare for a hilarious dynamic between the main couple who are in a master-servant contract. Our male lead treats Yin as his servant, while the latter is determined to enslave him instead. Zhao Lusi rose to fame for her “silly and sweet” roles does she does so well and the show seems to be teasing a lot of that. It’ll be interesting to see her chemistry with rising star Wang Anyu who’s the same age as her.

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