Ancient Love Poetry Featuring a Zhou Dongyu and Xu Kai Tandem Celebrates the End of Filming!

Ancient Love Poetry's Zhou Dongyu and Xu Kai

Well, things are looking up on the Zhou Dongyu and Xu Kai collaboration front as finally seeing their brand new pairing on screen clearly isn’t too far off. Ancient Love Poetry 千古玦尘’s production team has just announced today that filming for the project has finally wrapped.

Wrapping Up

When the pairing between the two was first announced a few months ago, I know a lot of people were surprised. Apart from it being quite unexpected, I guess many of us never quite imagined seeing Zhou Dongyu all done up in pretty period clothes and long long hair. Quite silly really since Zhou Dongyu is an award winning actress right? Sooner or later we’re bound to see her in anything but her usual short styles!

Anyway, what do you guys think about her look as the goddess Shang Gu in her very first xianxia? I say she looks equally right at home in period gear as she does in her pixie cut and gritty look on Better Days which she incidentally won Best Actress for at the Hundred Flowers Awards last month. Xu Kai on the other hand looks resplendent as usual in his long period robe and wig as Bai Jue. Not that I expected any differently since he’s already proven he’s a dab hand in the xianxia genre. As for the visuals of them together, they look really good all paired up and I can’t wait to see some more!

Zhou Dongyu and Xu Kai

Ancient Love Poetry Synopsis

The drama adaptation of the novel Ancient Love Poetry tells the story of the goddess Shang Gu and her one true love Bai Jue. Once the master of the four true gods, Shang Gu falls into a deep sleep after sacrificing herself. Meanwhile, Bai Jue’s love for Shang Gu remains steadfast, pushing him to make the ultimate sacrifice in exchange for her immortality. Will their love for each other endure through three lifetimes?

Shang Gu and Bai Jue

The drama also features Zhang Jiani, Liu Xueyi, Li Zefeng, Leon Lai Yi, Wendy Luo Qiuyun, Zhang Yaqin with special appearances by Fu Xinbo, Huang Jue, Leon Zhang Yunlong as well as Hani Kezi, Ren Hao and Daisy Dai Si.

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