Julia Xiang Hanzhi Under Fire Over Wang Xingyue Dating Rumors Much Like What Happened with Wu Lei

Wang Xingyue and Xiang Hanzhi
Photos: Wang Xingyue Official and Xiang Hanzhi / Weibo

Netizens recently broke the news that The Double star Wang Xingyue and American-born Chinese actress Julia Xiang Hanzhi, both aged 22, are in a relationship. They claimed the tattoo sticker the pair have on their left arms and the similar content on their social media accounts all point to a secret relationship between the two. Not to mention they are currently filming the costume drama Calming Waves 定风波 together. But are they really? Some believe it’s just a gimmick with accusations that the actress is trying to get herself trending.

Drawing Flak for Being Linked to Popular Actors

Looking back, they pointed out that Julia Xiang Hanzhi getting linked to the male star of an ongoing super popular drama is nothing new, which is why “CP assassin” became a trending hashtag that same day. When Wu Lei and Zhao Lusi’s Love Like the Galaxy came out and became super popular in 2022, Xiang Hanzhi was suddenly rumoured to be dating Wu Lei whom she previously worked with in the period drama Our Times, hence “killing” the Wu Lei and Zhao Lusi ship. Then, just as his couple pairing with Wu Jinyan in The Double is heating up in 2024, some have linked Xiang Hanzhi to this year’s breakout star Wang Xingyue.

A few years ago, Julia Xiang Hanzhi was also rumored to be dating her Forever Love co-star Wang Anyu. In any case, Wang Xingyue’s official fan account has already slammed the rumours, declaring it a “complete nonsense” just like Wu Lei’s fan account doing the same in the past. To be fair, Xiang Hanzhi may have trended over the “rumors,” but she never actually made anything official about her dating life – no posts or comments on social media hence these seem to all be conjecture from Netizens’ end. Back then, a friend of hers even previously called out accusations that she’s trying to gain clout through these rumored boyfriends saying her company does not have resources to do so.

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