Huang Zitao Asks: “Is It Wrong (for a Celebrity) Not to Go Public with a Relationship?”

Huang Zitao Asks: "Is It Wrong Not to Go Public with a Relationship?"

It’s practically an open secret that Huang Zitao and Xu Yiyang, an actress under his agency L Tao Entertainment, are dating. Despite being frequently spotted together, the actor has never confirmed their relationship, and it’s gone on for years. Recently, rumors about their engagement surfaced, yet the two remains silent. They’ll also be appearing in his new reality show (跟我走吧) that he produced.

Among the range of topics he covered in a recent livestream, Huang Zitao opened up about his thoughts on celebrities dating. He challenged, “Who defines that as a public figure, I must reveal my relationship? How can you define how others live their lives? Never let others label you.” While some fans were supportive of his reasoning, some fans have also left comments criticizing him. They questioned, “Why mislead fans while relying on their support for your projects? Fans didn’t try to define you, but you said you would announce it if you were in a relationship. You could have just not denied it.”

Amid the external voices, Huang Zitao reflects, “I’ve gone through too much since returning to the country (he left K-pop group EXO and returned to China in 2018). During the harshest bashing, what words did I not hear. If I listen to that and let that affect me and feel bad, they would have succeeded. Why should I be bothered by that? I’m 31 now; the same thing is happening, do you think I’ll let others define me? Who are they to decide what’s right or wrong, especially on the internet? If an artist is dating, whether they disclose it or not, what does it have to do with you? If someone does, wish them happiness. Everyone has their own way to live. You shouldn’t force your views on others.”

Source: Huang Zitao / Weibo


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