Xu Yiyang Opens Up on Missing the Chance to Debut Twice

Xu Yiyang

If you could go back in time, what would you do? Some of us might say that we want to change something that we regret, but for Chinese singer Xu Yiyang, her answer might surprise you.

Xu Yiyang’s Girl Group Journey

Xu Yiyang has been working tirelessly to achieve her dream to stand onstage and become an idol. Back in 2016, she was revealed as a new member of the trainee group SMROOKIES under South Korean company SM Entertainment. She eventually left to return to China and signed with Huang Zitao’s L.TAO Entertainment in 2018.

Through the Chinese survival show The Next Top Bang, Xu Yiyang finally got to debut as part of the girl group Legal High, which sadly disbanded after a few months. With the recent slew of survival shows, Xu Yiyang drew interest as one of the strong contenders on the Tencent survival show Chuang 2020. However, she was eliminated with a final ranking of #8, which was especially crushing for fans as it is just one spot shy of the seven coveted spots which formed the girl group BonBon Girls 303.

The Outcome is Not as Important

Despite it all, Xu Yiyang does not want to go back in time to change anything. Even though she carries a few regrets having missed the chance to be part of a girl group twice, she says, “At the beginning, I had regrets but slowly, I began to realize that the rewards I reaped through the process are more important than the outcome. If I could go back into the past, I might not have the courage and strength to persist.”

I am personally very happy and excited for Xu Yiyang! I hope things can only get better for her as she just released her own single, “Listen”, last July. She also shared the stage to perform “Ice Cream” with Tao on Hunan TV’s 818 Auto Home Festival. She really deserves so much more and for sure, there will be more opportunities to come!

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