Respect Women: Hunan TV’s 818 Celebration Slammed for Dodgy Camerawork

Sisters Who Make Waves on Hunan TV
Respect Women. Respect the jiejies

Last night’s 818 Auto Home Festival was supposed to be an unprecedented grand occasion for Hunan TV. The VIPs were invited, the big performers were roped in to make this one of the biggest celebrations for the network. Unfortunately, what was intended to be a joyful occasion soon turned sour. Th network was lambasted by angry netizens for failing to respect women artistes because of their dodgy camerawork.

During one of the sets where Sisters Who Make Waves jiejies were performing together with the UP7 brothers, many viewers called out the network for the disrespectful camera angles the ladies were being filmed. You see, while the men were shot from a normal angle to a close up, the ladies somehow ended up with cameras positioned low to the ground and tilted up. This means the cameras are basically shooting videos from an angle zoomed in towards the ladies’ legs and lower torso.  Whereas stage costumes of girl groups vary from trousers to skirts and dresses, clearly those sporting the latter are at a disadvantage.

Considering how much attention has already been drawn to how upskirting is socially and in some countries lawfully unacceptable, it’s disheartening to see how a major network would fail to protect the rights of its artistes in such a basic way. Please respect women artists period.

Here’s a comparison made by Netizens to highlight the huge dissimilarity between the ladies of Sisters Who Make Waves and the UP7 brothers –

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