Huang Zitao’s Agent on Marriage Proposal Rumors, “It’s Not Convenient to Respond”

Huang Zitao's Agent on Marriage Proposal Rumors, "It's Not Convenient to Respond"
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For years, Chinese singer-actor Huang Zitao, 31, has been rumored to be in a relationship with 26-year-old Xu Yiyang, an artist under his agency L.TAO Entertainment. Although they have been photographed together several times, they never confirmed their romance. Recently, the two have trended repeatedly over “leaked” photos of their moments together as both are currently filming a new variety show. But the biggest “leak” was when an insider claimed that Tao proposed marriage to Xu Yiyang and she accepted.

His Agent’s Non-Response Seen as a Confirmation by Some

Huang Zi Tao, Jiang Chao and Xu Yi Yang
Huang Zitao, Jiang Chao and Xu Yiyang for The Detectives’ Adventures S4

It’s been several days since news first broke on April 29. According to Chinese media outlet Sina Entertainment, they reached out to Huang Zitao’s agent who issued a response on May 3rd, “I’m sorry, this is the artist’s personal matter, It’s not convenient for me to respond, thank you.” His agent’s reluctance to comment on the matter is being viewed by some Netizens as confirmation that the proposal must be true or they would’ve denied it otherwise.

Huang Zitao Long Rumored Girlfriend

Since departing from K-pop, Tao established his own business L Tao Entertainment. Interestingly, Xu Yiyang, a female artist under his agency, shares a similar background, having been a trainee under SM Entertainment and part of SM Rookies, though she left before she could debut. The two first appeared together on Produce Camp 2020, where Tao served as a mentor/host and Xu Yiyang as an idol hopeful; even then, they displayed playful banter. Over the past four years, they have been frequently photographed together—returning home, attending outings and dinners, and even spending Valentine’s Day together. Just months ago, rumors circulated that Tao publicly declared his love for her at a nightclub in Korea. Despite the rumors, Tao has never confirmed a girlfriend. If they are indeed engaged, congrats are in order.

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